Originally posted February 12, 2016

When I was a child, my only reason to go to church was to get permission to do something or to hang out with friends. I didn’t feel the necessity to go to church. My parents were divorced, and my brother and I lived with our mom, who at that time was an Evangelical Christian. She later married a Seventh-day Adventist man, and we began studying the Bible every night with him. We began attending the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and I started feeling good in this church and continued going because I really wanted to know God.

When I was in high school, I thought about studying medicine and so, during my senior year, I took medical classes to learn the basics before I started university classes. One Saturday night, after attending an Adventist Youth meeting, we found a similar meeting being held at the same hotel. We went in and listened to a testimony about a preacher’s brother. The brother was about to die, and he said that the person who saved him was an angel sent by God. I started remembering the fives times I almost died and realized that it was God who had saved me each time.

When I got home, I told my parents I did not want to be a doctor, but a pastor. My mom asked me if I wanted to attend Linda Vista, which is an Adventist university in Chiapas, Mexico, or attend one here in the United States, and I chose the USA. My mom’s friend told her about Southwestern Adventist University in Texas which is cheaper than other SDA schools in the US. I told my mom I wanted to study there. She visited the university with my step-dad. They returned and told me about the university and it’s environment. My mom bought my one-way ticket and afterwards bought the rest of the tickets for my family with the same credit card.

At the airport, I was told that my ticket was bought with a fraud credit card and so my ticket was not legal and therefore, I couldn’t get on the flight. My family’s tickets, however, were legal. Something interesting was happening. It didn’t make sense that my ticket was illegal when all the tickets were bought with the same credit card. My mom bought me another ticket to Monterrey and from there I would take a bus to Texas. I arrived at the immigration office, got my permission, and went back to the bus to find out that it had left me and another girl behind. We walked to another corner hoping to find another bus, and we found one that was going to Dallas! We explained to the bus driver what had happened with our bus. He allowed us to get in, and there were only two seats available! Finally, I got to Dallas where my family was waiting for me.

While coming to SWAU, my mom told me that everything that had happened was because Satan did not want me to come here, but God had protected me. She said that Satan knows that God has something planned for me and that is why he tried to prevent me from coming here.

Adrian Francisco Perez Gomez

Jeffrey HernandezComment