My Walk with God

Originally posted November 10, 2015

God has been involved in my life so much, that sometimes I don't notice at all. I was a Buddhist, but He made it possible to allow me to know Him, especially at a low point in my life. I would say it was bad timing when God decided to reveal Himself and introduce me to Jesus. However, when I met Him, I felt all my burdens dissolving and I felt fulfilled with His peace. It was such a privilege to know Him.

When it was time to pick which college I wanted to go to, I couldn't decide. I felt that it was for God to decide where He wanted me to attend. I prayed a prayer and made a promise to God that I would go to the college He chose. I told Him that I would know which school to attend by the first college that sent me an acceptance letter. It turned out to be Southwestern Adventist University. I convinced my parents that going to Southwestern Adventist University was a great opportunity and that I believed I was being called to go. There were all sorts of arguments, but eventually they allowed me to go.

It has been such a blessing to me because I got to know more about Jesus; He has opened my eyes to see the truth. His love made me feel loved. How could I not love Him back? He allowed me to see the truth, and His love is eternal. I got baptized in October of my sophomore year. Daily, He has made me a better Christian and a better representation of Christ. He makes it possible for people to know Jesus, no matter the circumstances.

Janelle Lo

Jeffrey HernandezComment