Humans of Southwestern - Gicele Fuentes

Originally posted Spring Semester 2017

"Being homeschooled, I kind of had my own little environment which gave me a very independent identity. A lot of my friends ask me why i'm so confident and I think it is because I wasn't exposed to so many different standards of people. I don't have to be like anyone else, I can just be myself. I think that it may be a reason why I graduated early as well. I was baptized when I was nine into the Pentecostal church. However, my family would switch churches quite often. We were looking for a church that did not show favoritism or just want our money. My family got so frustrated and discouraged that we quit going to church for a year. My mom had a friend who wasn't even a Christian but told my mom that, if she ever needed a church, she should go to a Seventh-day Adventist one. This lady has been a great blessing in my family's lives and was a big reason why my mom chose to homeschool me.This woman believes in God but does not believe in the way that churches are run. During that year she started giving my mom Bible studies and telling her that the Sabbath is Saturday. My mom accepted that Saturday is the Sabbath and decided to give Adventism a try. Our relatives told us, "What kind of a cult are you joining?" Often, my relatives would discourage my family a lot when making decisions; especially about me being homeschooled.  I can tell you I would not be here at Southwestern if I wasn't homeschooled. I would have gone to public school and would have been exposed to very different values than I have now. My mom really stood firm in her decisions. I'm really blessed to have my dad, he's really supportive. He would have his siblings tell him, "Why would you let your wife do this or that?" He always defended my mom. I was eleven when I became an Adventist which was about five years ago. I don't remember clearly but I remember being afraid of God. I thought that if I sinned or disobeyed Him I would go to Hell. Recently, I see Him as a personal God, a God of love."

Gicele Fuentes, Freshman Communication Major

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