Falling in Love

Originally posted August 25, 2015

Hello Southwestern Adventist University! How did your first week of classes go? To all the new students and staff here on campus, I want to give my sincerest “welcome.” I hope that you begin to fall in love with our university-- the beautiful campus and friendly people (and let’s not forget the scorching, attention-seeking, sun in the sky.) In all seriousness, my prayer is for you to fall in love with SWAU, but to also fall into a deeper love with the great and powerful God who watches over this campus. As Lidia mentions in the devotional (below this post), fear will hit you from time to time. Knowing God’s promises to us can give us the power to keep moving forward.

To all of the returning Southwesterners, I want to welcome you too: WE ARE SOUTHWESTERN! You may have noticed that SLAD has a new website… and if you are reading this right now, it also means that SLAD has a blog now! All of this “newness” shall be discussed at a later date-- for now we’ll just get used to classes again, then we can go over all the changes to Spiritual Life and Development-- from the new website, to all the new workers.

Well, my fellow students, it’s time to hit the books and pray even harder that God will carry us through the semester. As Pastor Russ always says, gather all your syllabi, update your Google calendar, and then have a good long cry. Just remember that we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. 

by Kylie Kurth

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