Originally posted October 2, 2015

One more episode. It becomes more apparent every day that our society has a problem with “one more episode.”  This media culture that we are involuntary subscribed to lets us pick the fantasy world we so desire. Don’t like the life you live? Is life too hard? Too challenging?  Media tells us, “It’s okay. Pick from the lives of thousands of other television shows and movies. Let your worries wash away in the life of make-believe.”  

Happening upon a comment a user posted on YouTube, I was struck with how obsessed society has become with someone else’s life. It read:

“after that episode i just feel empty.. grey's anatomy was my first ever series. I thought id see mer have her happy ending.  I know she has her kids and all but still.. uhhh i.feel.empty.”

Empty? Happy ending? The sentences are short, nothing too deep, but this simple comment speaks volumes as to the state we find ourselves living in today. For this hapless watcher, Grey’s Anatomy had become her everything. She was engrossed in the show, so much so that when a traumatic event happened on the screen, it deeply affected the emotions of the viewer. It seems that she had been living the life of the characters. When the characters were happy, she was happy. When the characters were crushed, she was crushed. In the end, however the show left her “empty.”

Yet, I would argue that she started empty to begin with. The show only helped her realize more and more of her emptiness. The Bible talks a lot about people being filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:3, 9:17, 11:14; Luke 1:41, 4:1; Exodus 35:31).[1]  In order to be filled, there has to be empty space beforehand. We, as humans, are kind of like an empty glass sitting on the table. But, unlike the glass, we choose how we are filled. The choice is simple: will we fill ourselves with the Spirit of God or the things of this world?

I wonder what would happen, if instead of living inside of TV shows and movies, we lived in the life of Christ. What if we were so entangled in the life of Jesus that when we saw others hurting, we comforted them? When we saw someone in need, we gave? The time, energy, and effort our society puts into living fantasy, if instead was put to living for Christ, would revolutionize our world.

Then at the end of the day, we, like Paul, could say: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me” (Gal. 2:20).

[1]More passages on being filled with the Holy Spirit. http://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Being-Filled-With-The-Spiri

by Michael Gibson

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